Left Behind Workers Fund

Project Status: Provided cash assistance to 3,960 immigrant workers and their families during the pandemic.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Robin Kniech spearheaded Denver’s investment and tailoring of the Left Behind Worker Fund to step into the gap for vulnerable immigrant and refugee workers and their families who did not qualify for unemployment insurance or federal stimulus payments.

As of late December 2020, 9,067 across Colorado people received direct cash grants of $1,000, which benefited more than 16,000 children across 39 Colorado counties. 63% of these funds went toward housing, 19% went toward bills, healthcare, and utilities and 14% went toward food.

When hard working members of our community were left out of pandemic relief, a community-led innovation was championed for city support by Robin Kniech: the Left Behind Workers Fund. The partnership resulted in more than $5 million in city funding and foundation matching dollars to assist 5,503 Denver workers displaced due to the pandemic but ineligible for other state or federal support with $1,000 in direct cash assistance, which allowed those workers to better support 9,689 children.

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